Cape Cod Target Ship

S.S. Longstreet shirts (aka The Target Ship) for sale!

So, you are most likely on this page for one of two reasons. 1…. you were curious as to what this was, or 2 ….you know about the iconic target ship. If it’s 2, then you remember looking out into the bay at sunset and watching the sun go down behind the silhouette of the broken ship while smelling the fresh salt air. Every summer while visiting Cape Cod my brother and I would make our way down to Kingsbury beach and it would be there among the waves like an old friend. I would try and catch a glimpse of it whenever I could when I was on the bay side. I was lucky enough to see it beginning in 1973, went out and actually touched it in the mid 80’s (grabbed a tiny piece of it too) and thought it would last forever. Then, in the early 2000’s, it was gone…from our sight anyway. I still look out in the direction of it’s resting place on the sand bar and think of it fondly. I miss seeing it out there and wanted to somehow bring it back. I thought of making up t-shirts for my family to remember it and to start conversations with people who had also known of it. Well, my Mom got so excited when I told her I made it and without hesitation said, “you HAVE to sell these, people would love this”! I laughed it off and told her, no, it’s just for us and didn’t think anyone would be interested. Well, after wearing it out and about, I was proven wrong. The people who know about the Longstreet and had seen it for years almost always ask about it. Now I sell them happy to know others have not forgotten the beautiful site of the target ship sitting proudly in Cape Cod bay. So….check out the shirts… and if you like’em, type me an email and I can send one out. Maybe a few! I also have hats and hopefully stickers soon so come on back!